“The gentle side of living and working in Australia's greatest city.”


Quiet Melbourne is not everything Melbourne — just the best bits.

Too Much Too Often

Despite Google’s best efforts, my inbox was turning into a crime scene. I enjoy decluttering my home and the same goes for my digital life.


Rona on the Quiet

Useful links to actual science as we begin to better understand the biology of SARS-COV-2 and how COVID-19 will reshape our world.


Rona in the City

Will the Rona pandemic lead to a better society where people are treated more equally, or will the established power simply grab a bigger slice of the pie?


Parrots of Melbourne

Walking distance from the CBD you can find a network of parks and green spaces, and literally thousands of magnificent wild parrots. The parrots of Melbourne are a multi-coloured riot of raucous joy.


I’m Not Sold

The key to keeping a thriving retail environment is recognising the value of service. I don't mean the shoppers, they already know this. It's the retail stores which need to have a rethink about what customer service actually means.


Edible Christmas

Trawling through the wacky world of an Asian supermarket is good for the soul and does much less harm to the planet than buying a car full of disposable electronics. For $2.49 you can find something funny, tasty or tasteless. It just depends on your sense of humour and passion for bean based products.


Ho Ho Queen Victoria

Hitting the last hour of trading at Queen Victoria Market is a great way to shop for a big Christmas lunch, so long as you're not after a bucket of prawns.


Toko Oh No

Not so much a review as an essay an how to take a special night out and turn it into $150 worth of disappointment.


Apartment Kitchen CBD

Just because you live in the world's most eatable city doesn't mean your kitchen should be any less of a priority. In fact, we're going to make this one the heart of our home.


Free as in Tram

Free trams do more than just entice tourists to visit Melbourne. They unlock the traffic grid to make life better for everyone in the downtown, and quite possibly might unlock a few minds to how socialised infrastructure can benefit us all.