Content Guidelines

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There is just one simple rule for what gets included on our website…
“Do we want to go back again?”

Our editorial guidelines at “quietMelbourne” are that a single visit is never sufficient. Every week we try somewhere new, and if it grabs our attention we’ll go back again to gather a more detailed assessment. Once is not enough. If the second visit fills us with joy, and we look forward to the idea of going back in the future and sharing with friends, then it meets our criteria for publication.

Some readers are worried that blogger reviews are influenced by dining for free. We never file a review based on a single visit, so if we do try out a restaurant by invitation then it’s only half way over the line anyway. Unless we feel it’s worth coming back and spending our money then we never get to the detailed review stage.

And we are very hard to please. We live in the best culinary landscape Australia has to offer, so the standards are set very very high. Plenty of very successful eats in Melbourne don’t make the cut on this website, either because they appeal to a different audience or because they fall short of the hype.

We recently visited a cute little Indian restaurant with eager expectations. The dinner didn’t go well however, as the flavour profile of the curries were disappointingly pallid, the lassi was pre-mixed, service was very much hit and miss and they charged extra for topping up the rice on our under-plated thali sets. By the time we walked out the door we simply didn’t think we’d be coming back.

Many of the places we feature are long time favourites, and most are distinctly chill out places where us “quiet” folk can go and hide from the chaos. We don’t especially like queues or chaos. A few of our primo takeaways are on the list too because grabbing a meal and getting home again is often our favourite option on a Friday night.

We have to really love a kitchen to brave the cray cray of Swanston St for it.

The final element we really love for “quietMelbourne” is the people. At the Queen Victoria Night Market there’s a little stand called “Those Girls” where you can get a choice of fabulous iced tea in summer, or warm spiced apple cider in winter. You buy a glass off the very girls who make it. That’s what I call small business. That’s what we quietly want to celebrate with this website.