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drop a quiet word if you like?
What’s This All About? Meet the people and the ideas behind the Quiet Melbourne project.

Quiet Melbourne is a project that seeks to bring together the other half of Melbourne, the quiet souls who want to feel “at home” here without having to spend all night in a noisy bar listening to the same conversation you heard from your work colleagues last week.

The squeaky wheel get the oil as they say, because the bigger and bolder you are the more attention you’re gonna get. The problem is that about half of this city are not squeaky wheels, and we enjoy having quiet places to escape those squeaky types. Quiet Melbourne is a place to connect with the little things and wonderful people who make this city so charming. It’s not about festivals, having your selfie taken with a celebrity chef or standing in a queue for an hour to eat at the hottest kitchen in town.

This website is a work of love from two Melbourne photographers. One is a travel specialist and travel journalist with a keen passion for food photography. The other is a recipe developer, stylist and food photographer. We live in the downtown of Melbourne in a little cave of quiet, stepping out onto the manic streets every so often in search of the ultimate salted-fish fried rice or to have doughnuts at the Queen Victoria Market.

Please join us on this journey. Please share your quiet treasures with other like minded people. Please be a part of celebrating the gentle side of Melbourne.

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